RV repair Service fee and hourly rate

Service Fee — $80

This fee is only charged on your first repair visit.  If an RV repair technician is required to make future visits to complete the repair no service fee will be charged.

Hourly Rate — $120

There is a one-hour minimum charge for our first visit.  Beyond the first hour we bill on the half hour $60.00

Camper \ RV Inspection — $250-$300

Designed as an annual review / inspection and often used by customers as a pre-purchase tool.  Your mobile RV repair tech will perform the following checks:

  • Check RV slide out system for proper function
  • Check all RV appliances for proper function
  • Check RV generator for proper function
  • Check all RV outlets and switches
  • Check RV converter and inverter
  • Check RV plumbing system
  • Check RV LP gas system
  • Check RV tires
  • Check RV roof

Camper \ RV Orientation — $200

Your RV repair tech will arrive onsite and walk you through all functions of your RV or camper and answer any questions that you may have.

  • RV repair tech will provide a complete walk around of RV \ camper
  • Demonstrate how to operate all components inside RV \ camper
  • Demonstrate proper RV \ camper setup
  • RV repair tech will go over proper annual maintenance reviews
  • RV repair tech will go over “best practices” for operating and maintaining your RV

RV Air Conditioner Installation (roof mount) — $250 per unit + parts

Open Road RV Repair is a registered dealer and service center for Domestic and Airxcel Coleman – Mach.  We also frequently service older, discontinued brands and are able to repair or replace any manufacturer installed AC unit.

  • Remove old RV AC unit
  • Clean and prepare RV roof for installation of new unit
  • Install new AC unit, wire controls as necessary and test for proper function

Forever Warranty Inspection — $225

This RV service is for those customers who have purchased into the “Forever Warranty” program and is required to be performed by a certified RV repair technician.

  • Inspect and seal roof where necessary
  • Visual inspection of axles, hub and lube where possible
  • Inspect RV furnace – clean furnace blower, combustion chamber and control compartment, removing any dust
  • Inspect RV hot water heater – flush holding tank, manually operate pressure temperature relief valve and clean burner tube (as outlined by the manufacturer) as necessary.
  • Inspect suspension and lubricate, if possible, where necessary

Annual RV Water Heater Service — $200 + parts and materials

This service will remove the sediment that has collected in your RV’s hot water tank, helps to remove the rotten egg smell which is often apparent and is general good practice, keeping your RV water heater at optimum efficiency.

  • Inspect anode rod in Suburban water heaters and replace if needed
  • Adjust Atwood water heaters to run at peak efficiency on propane
  • Drain and flush RV water heater tank
  • Clean water heater burner assembly
  • Test RV water heater and confirm that it is running at peak efficiency

Annual RV Air Conditioner Service — $249 + plus parts and materials

Servicing your RV’s air conditioner will improve the performance of the unit and will likely improve air quality.  Your mobile RV technician will test the RV AC’s charge but often this service will correct poor performance.

  • Inspect the condition of your RV AC checking for wear and physical damage
  • Remove all objects and debris from AC unit
  • Clean and straighten the RV AC evaporator and condenser coils
  • Clean AC drain holes
  • Run the RV air conditioner for 20min testing for proper operation.
  • Note temperature readings and amp readings to verify that the RV AC is working property according to manufacturer specifications

Annual Aqua Hot Service — $299 + parts and materials

Aqua-Hot is a hydronic heating system installed in some RVs.  Open Road RV Repair technicians all have all been certified by Aqua-Hot as repair technicians.  Aqua-Hot recommends this annual maintenance that is designed to keep your Aqua-Hot system running at peak performance and avoid issues.

  • Run the system, test fire and note any abnormalities
  • Inspect Aqua-Hot nozzle and replace if necessary
  • Inspect Aqua-Hot fuel filter and replace
  • Inspect Aqua-Hot photo disk
  • Inspect Aqua-Hot electrodes
  • Inspect Aqua-Hot photo eye
  • Inspect wire harness
  • Inspect grommet and seals – replace if necessary
  • Inspect and test float switch
  • Inspect and test pumps
  • Inspect all connections
  • Check voltage
  • Check antifreeze level and add if needed
  • Perform final test fire to test proper operation of Aqua-Hot system

Annual Oasis Service — $275 + parts and materials

The Oasis heating system is a hydronic heating system manufactured by International Thermal Research and installed in some RVs.  This annual inspection by one of our RV repair technicians is recommended by the manufacture to keep the Oasis heating units operating at peak performance and to avoid issues during normal use.

  • Inspect all Oasis heating system hoses for cracks, leaks, weak points and corrosion
  • Inspect all Oasis heating system hose clamps for corrosion and wear of hose under clamp
  • Inspect Oasis igniter for wear (two year replacement recommended)
  • Inspect exhaust system for leaks, corrosion and tighten any joints as necessary
  • Check coolant level and pH (36 month replacement recommended)
  • Inspect combustion fan for corrosion and wear
  • Inspect Oasis fuel pump
  • Inspect compressor
  • Inspect and vacuum clean combustion chamber and exhaust

RV Winterization — $175

Winterization of your RV or camper is an essential task to have completed annually, especially for northern climates where low temperatures will cause any water left in your system to freeze and expand damaging lines, fittings and equipment.  One of our mobile RV technicians will completely winterize your unit safeguarding your investment for the next camping season.

  • Blow out all water lines
  • Pump RV antifreeze into water lines
  • Empty and flush tanks
  • Add stable to RV generator if applicable
  • Drain RV water heater and pull out anode rod

RV Dewinterization — $175

Dewinterization may seem like a simple task but our RV dewinterization offers a big bang for your buck.  Your mobile RV tech will not only flush your water system but will perform a mini-camper inspection alerting you to any possible issues.

  • Test battery
  • Check tires
  • Verify that RV appliances work
  • Inspect RV air conditioning unit
  • Inspect LP system
  • Flush RV water lines