De-winterize – Should I pay for this?

De-winterization of a properly winterized RV can be one of the simpler “do it your-self” projects that a RV owner can perform. For this reason many owners may choose to pay for an RVIA rated technician to winterize their unit while they feel comfortable enough to de-winterize themselves.

At Open Road RV Repair we encourage all our customers to perform any regular maintenance items that are in their comfort zone. However, our de-winterization offers an extraordinary value for the cost. During our service we not only perform a basic flush and prime of your water system, we go a step further and inspect all the systems in your RV. After we have flushed and primed the water system we will test all your appliances, test the battery, visually inspect your tires and perform an overall visual inspection of the camper. Any mechanical or electrical issues or even items to watch will be highlighted to the customer and on the technician’s write-up. This gives the RV owner the opportunity to resolve any issues that may arise during the season.

Should you pay for de-winterization? We say yes. When you have Open Road both winterize and de-winterize your RV you are protected by our guarantee against water line damage caused by freeze and through our de-winterization inspection we will leave you reassured that your camper is ready to go for the season. Enjoy more of your camping season and leave the maintenance to us.

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